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The first thing that comes to mind when you say that real estate is immovable is the houses. All immovable properties that are suitable for land registration, even though they are used for housing among the people, are considered as real estate in law. Real Estate Law is the law which examines all the savings and transactions of the persons related to these immovables. Some types of lawsuits related to Real Estate Law; Claims for Dismissal of Shareholding, Dismissal of Land Registration and Registration, Drafts from the Floor Contracts, Expropriation Claims, Men'i Respondents of the Intervention, Ecrimisil Respondents.

Izale-i Şuyu - Completion of the Partnership

Izale-i Şuyu, the Company's case for the elimination of the partnership; Is the kind of lawsuit that more than one person entitled to an immovable is entitled to receive the right on that immovable. That is, the type of case opened for a jointly owned property, in case the partnership can not be sold with the consent of the parties after the conclusion of the partnership, so that the share of one of the partners can be bought.

Title Deed and Registration Claims

Title Deed and Registration Proceedings; Is the type of lawsuit filed for the cancellation of the title and the registration on its behalf in case of the transfer of title to the third person, To give an example from the most common species with the subject being detailed; If the person delegates the immovable property to one of the other siblings for the purpose of not benefiting from the inheritance while his father is alive (muris muvası), he / she shall open a title deed and registration case after death. This will be included in the transaction.

Accruals Arising from Floor Contracts

Concrete Construction Contract; The landowner and contractor are among the people who are committed to building the immovable. There are responsibilities on both sides of this contract, and the contractor is responsible for carrying out the transactions related to the deed in order to deserve the immovables falling in the duty of the landlord's owner, while the duty of the contractor is to make the immovable property belonging to the landlord in accordance with the law. In the event of a dispute, a lawsuit can be filed against the Convention. Expropriation Claims

Expropriation Claims

Expropriation; The type of lawsuit filed for the administration of the immovables belonging to the persons in accordance with the legal decisions taken. For example; Dam, road, power plant, etc., for the construction of useful facilities, the landlord must pay the land value of the immovable property determined by the court.

Intervention Men's Consequences

Men's intervention; In the event that the immovable property registered in the name of the person is used by other stakeholders or a different person, these persons are prevented from using the immovable property. For example, if a joint property is to be used by one person and the property of the other partner is prevented from being used, the case may be opened.

Ecrimisil Actions

ecrimisil; If all of the common goods are used, the share of the partners is taken. For example, a person residing in a common property needs to open an eclisisil case to collect the amount falling on the other partner. In order for this case to be opened, some conditions must not be established in its blood and it must be treated with caution.