Av. Taner Ünlü

"Law of Obligations", which deals with and regulates contractual and debt relations between the parties, is one of the most well-known and researched areas of law in our country and in other legal systems in the world. The analysis of the factors that push the parties to contract and the regulation of these reasons in accordance with the law constitute the main framework of the contract law.

Our main topics
    Preparation of contracts in accordance with the general provisions of the Code of Obligations
    • We provide legal consultancy to our clients regarding tortious acts, material and moral compensation claims arising from contracts or tort, cancellation of contracts, reversal of contracts, responsibilities, default, deduction of debt, current account, assignment of receivables, transfer of debt.
    • We provide legal consultancy to our clients on issues such as business transfer, business merger and transformation.
    • The sale of movable and immovables regulated in the Special Provisions of the Code of Obligations, barter, donation, rent, revenue rental, borrowing, loan, service, exception, publication, power of attorney, letter of reputation and reputation order, work without power, commission, commercial agents and We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services on commercial power of attorney, remittance, consignment, surety, registration and will, maintenance contract until death, and contracts included in all other laws.
    • We provide legal counseling and advocacy services for lawsuits within the scope of the Law of Obligations and legal disputes arising from both contracts and unfair actions.
    • We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services in non-contractual liability cases that are not based on fault.
    • The faultless liability situations in the law of obligations, the responsibility of those who lack the power of appeal, the responsibility of the person user, the liability of the legal person for the unjust act of the organ, the responsibility of the owner of the building or construction work and the faultless liability situations arising from the Civil Code, the responsibility of the family head, the responsibility of the real property owner, Violation of homework is an issue that we deal with extensively.