Av. Taner Ünlü

Business Law plays an important role in the regulation of working life. In a country where business law is not properly implemented, workers are undoubtedly condemned to be exploited.

Labor law has a comprehensive structure and a large majority of cases;

  • Worker salary, severance and notice compensation,
  • Return to work,
  • Compensation for lack of support after work accidents,
  • Worker service detection,
  • Determination of overseas borrowing and work,
  • The fact that the date of entry into the international business is valid in Turkey,
  • cattle.

Within the scope of disputes arising from the labor-employer relationship in the labor law;

Any dispute arising out of the service relationship between the employee and the employer,

Preparation and negotiation of employment contracts within the scope of service relationship between worker and employer,

Within the framework of the amendments made in the Labor Law legislation, the enactment of the labor contracts,

Preparation of the warning signs for the fulfillment of obligations arising from the law and the contract by the parties in the context of the employee-employer relationship,

Legal measures to be taken regarding occupational health and safety,

Preparation of the legal legislation and its applications,

Lawsuits filed for the compensation of workmanship and workmanship as compensation for work, overwork, notice, seniority or other claims demanded,

We represent our clients and provide legal support in the administrative and legal processes related to audits conducted by the Ministry of Labor.