Consumer Law

Bank Credits File Expenses Claims, Bribery Vehicle - Automobile Related Laws, Consumer Complaints Application to the Ground Jury,

Family Law

As regards family and persons law; Marriage, compensation and alimony in divorce, domestic violence, avoidance of common eviction, care not to approach home or work places...

Enforcement Law

As an Executive Lawyer, it is not a special class of lawyers in our country but it is due to the admiration of the lawyer in his workplace. Since every lawyer in our country...

Inheritance Law

Heritage is perceived as the property of a person who died in a fundamental sense. It is useful to start with the concept of succession if we need to examine the inheritance issue...

Commercial Law

Establishment of domestic and foreign companies (joint stock company, limited liability company), Establishment of contact bureaus and branches, General assembly of companies...

Business Law

Business Law plays an important role in the regulation of working life. In a country where business law is not properly implemented, workers are undoubtedly condemned to be exploited...

Real Estate Law

The first thing that comes to mind when you say that real estate is immovable is the houses. All immovable properties that are suitable for land registration...

Sports Law

We provide legal support to our clients in legal and administrative disputes to be observed in all national and international federations and institutions, especially GSGM, TFF, UEFA, FIFA...

Who Are We?

195/5000 Ünlü Law Office was established at the beginning of 1996. With the knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of professional experience, it provides advocacy services with expert lawyers and consultants.

With our working team, we serve our clients under the corporate identity and structure of the office. Some of the Services We Provide

  • Consumer Law
  • Family Law
  • Enforcement Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Tax Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Labor Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sports Law

Since our establishment, we have managed to gain a place among the few and leading law firms. From the moment we started our activities, we have been in cooperation and solidarity with both domestic and foreign law and law offices on matters such as litigation and providing consultancy services to institutions and organizations.
Apart from this, we offer alternative solutions and especially Sports Law, our work in the field, and the knowledge and experience of our office to our clients.

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Articles by Law. Taner ÜNLÜ

  • Dispute Resolution Board's Final Situation

    The Dispute Resolution Board, which was established with Article 12 / A of Law No. 3813, and which is responsible for resolving the club footballer disputes arising from the contract, has been made totally dysfunctional with the change of status...

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  • Postponing Football Discipline Instruction

    The Turkish Football Federation, which was established to carry out all kinds of football activities according to national and international rules, to organize and develop and to represent Turkey in and out of the country on football, by amending...

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