"Justice is the soul of the universe."(Ömer Hayyam)
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  • "Law Regulation, Good Law Good Regulation"

  • "Justice Just As The Polar Star Stays in Place And Everything That's Back Turns Around"


Our Activity Areas

Family Law

As regards family and person law; protection of name, change of name ...

Enforcement Law

As an executive lawyer, with no special class of lawyers in our country ...

Inheritance Law

Heritage is perceived as the property of a person who died in a fundamental sense ...

Commercial Law

The establishment of domestic and foreign companies (joint-stock company, limited li ...

Business Law

Business law plays an important role in the regulation of working life ...

Real Estate Law

When it comes to real estate, that is to say immovable, the first thing that comes to mind is housing ...

Sports Law

Sports clubs, sports club ownership, clubs and clubs ...

Consumer Law

Bank credits file expenses, bribery car-related to automobiles ...